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"I couldn't be happier!"

"My way of thinking has changed dramatically since the course. I'm on a completely different tangent to the way I thought I'd be progressing career wise. This course gave me the tools to help guide me on my path. And I couldn't be happier!"

"A powerful program"

"This was a powerful program with a twist. I learned skills that have been especially useful when faced with tough challenges and road-blocks in my business, career and personal life."

"Truly dynamic"

"The course was truly dynamic. It has since helped me with the confidence to build my ideas brick by brick. Without a shadow of a doubt, each session mirrored the essence of what life is really like as an entrepreneur"

Reinvent Your Future: Creating Change From The Inside, Out.

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” - EB White

It’s the ultimate dilemma. You want to do work that matters....but you also want to have a life you love. In this course we'll move beyond an outdated concept of work-life balance towards a more holistic view of life-balance. One where we recognise that happiness and fulfilment is dependent on nourishing the interconnected elements of our lives, from work and purpose, to relationships and wellbeing. And that if we want to create a future where we and our planet can thrive, we need to start by looking within.

Join facilitator, social entrepreneur and changemaker Avis Mulhall on an inner journey, where you will explore how self knowledge and wellbeing are the essential foundations for creating sustainable change in your life, your business and the world.

Bridging the fields of self development, life design, mindfulness, spirituality (without the woo woo) and social change, this online course has been designed to give you the space, the structure, the inspiration and the support to delve into some of life's big questions & intentionally create a meaningful life that works for you. 

Consider it a full life reset - an opportunity to press pause, to get clear on who you are, why you're here, what you care about and what you want to create. So that you can move forward in life with clarity and live the change you want to see. We'll make sure you have all the tools, resources and support you'll need to help you get there.

Welcome to Reinvent Your Future: Life design, self development and wellbeing for people who give a shit.

During this online course you'll:

  • Learn how to create change - in your life & the world - without pushing yourself into burnout territory
  • Discover how to better understand yourself, your desires, passions, motivations, relationships, strengths & abilities 
  • Explore your core values and virtues and understand how to use these to let go of indecision & live in integrity
  • Redefine the parameters of your own success & gain clarity on your future path
  • Explore and confront the stories that have been holding you back from achieving what you want from life
  • Unlock your creativity & learn how to  live beyond fear
  • Discover how furthering your self knowledge will make you a better leader, entrepreneur or changemaker
  • Learn to nourish yourself, and your soul  so that the change you want to create is sustainable
  • Understand how living an authentic, whole life is one of the greatest ways you can create change in the world

Course Includes:

  • Weekly video tutorials & lessons
  • Interviews with leading thinkers, changemakers & innovators
  • Access to proven tools and resources to help guide you on your journey of change
  • Access to a community of like-minded folks who'll support you now and into the future
  • Interactive live Q&A sessions 

This course is for you if...

  • You have ever grappled with life’s big questions - Who am I? And why am I here?
  • You want to get clear on your purpose and direction in life
  • You're a leader, changemaker or entrepreneur wanting to better understand how to live & lead authentically 
  • You're struggling or on the verge of burn out & seeking more balance in your life
  • You want to start something new or live differently but you're filled with self-doubt and fear
  • You want to “do” more with your life & contribute to a better future
  • You're at a crossroads and feel stuck, confused or lost in life (or wanting to know how to help a loved one who is "lost")
  • You’re in a pretty good place in life, but wanting to move from good to great
  • You're interested in exploring spirituality in a grounded and practical way 
  • Life just seems a bit too fucking hard and it's dragging you down
  • Or maybe you’re just a regular person that believes there should be more to life than eat, work, coffee, sleep repeat...but you have no damn clue where to start. And that's ok.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You're not willing to own and confront your own shit
  • You're unwilling to get radical with the way you think about yourself and the world
  • You're easily offended by "bad" language, cos I curse like a sailor and am done apologising for it
  • You're looking for the kind of program that defines success by how rich you can become
  • You're looking for an instant quick-fix (psst...I'll let you in on a secret - there is no silver bullet mate)

For those of you who are ready to get radical and shake shit up - yes, you - the doers, the dreamers, the believers and creators who just know deep down that there's a better way to live and be in this world. This is the place is for you.


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"I can do it, I actually can!"

"I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. This course has really cemented in me that belief that I can do it, I actually can!"

"I feel ready to do something new in the world!"

"I feel so much energy now, I feel ready to do something new in the world and with my life, to create something totally different."

"An amazing experience"

"It's been an amazing experience, from the very first day, it's full of surprises. It's given me a lot of new perspective on my life and how I look at the world."


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