A collaborative education program presented by Avis Mulhall in partnership with Digital Storytellers.

Change Your Life, Change the World is a collaborative education program aimed at changing the way we educate change makers.

Based on wellbeing and self knowledge it is designed to help us rewrite the stories we tell ourselves, so that we can write a new narrative for the world.

Participants use the power of storytelling to go through an inner process of transformation and learn how to channel this emergent awareness into new creative projects that can make a real and lasting impact in the world.

Change Your Story, Change The World is currently being developed as an online program but is currently available as a live workshop for teams.

Over two to three intensive days your people will go on an immersive journey to unlock their full potential & their impact story.

This collaborative project is brought to you by Reinvent Your Future and Digital Storytellers, Stories For Impact.

Reinvent Your Future

Creating change from the inside, out.

Reinvent Your Future is a 4 week online course to help you create change in a way that works for you. Packed with relatable, reliable tools & resources, Reinvent Your Future is a no bullshit guide to figuring out who the hell you are, how you want to live, and what you want to create....Because YOU are the core of what you can bring to the world. And when we live our life, our way we have SO MUCH MORE to give. 

Stories For Impact

Are you ready to unlock your inner storyteller?

We believe that storytelling has the power to change the world and we want to put that power in the hands of changemakers, like you, who are working to create a better future.The Stories For Impact course is an an e-learning program to help you find, make, edit and share stories that make a difference, using affordable, everyday technology like the smartphone in your pocket.

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