"Avis is a force to be reckoned with. You've never met anyone who can so fearlessly invent the future"

Avis facilitates change. 

She is a social, environmental, spiritual and business activist who uses entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling and design thinking to inspire and empower people and organisations to create meaningful change, in their lives and in the world.

Avis is a serial social entrepreneur and is most well known as the face behind Think Act Change, Sydney's largest change-maker community & event series. She has been involved with numerous social impact projects and was the founding CEO of Australia's first technology incubator aimed at building inclusivity for people living with a disability.   

Named in Sydney Magazines "Top 100 People of Influence"​, Avis has been dubbed a “super-connector” due to her passion for, and particular talent at connecting change-makers to enable greater impact. Avis has worked with corporates, non-profits, universities, social entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders in her quest to co-create a better future. 

Avis is a firm believer that personal growth and self development are the keys to creating better lives, and a better world.  She lives her life wholly and unapologetically and is dedicated to inspiring others to do the same.


Keynotes and talks that will leave your audience inspired & empowered to create change in their lives and their work.

During my keynote presentations I share ideas and learnings that will open people's minds and ignite their curiosity. I share how wellbeing, meaning and self knowledge, are the keys to creating the kind of innovative leadership we need so that businesses, people and our planet can thrive now and into the future.

My talks help prepare people and organisations for the future of work, where meaning is the new money and innovation & creativity are standard practice. 

I specialise in inspiring people to live and lead authentically and explore how developing our potential as leaders can affect change in our lives, our businesses and the world. 


Equip your leaders for the future of work. Ignite a culture of purpose, creativity & innovation so your people & business can thrive.

Whether you're looking to develop leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation skills, or seeking to ignite passion, purpose and curiosity,  my workshops will ensure your leaders - and your business - will thrive now and into the future.

Bridging entrepreneurship, innovation, storytelling, design thinking, mindfulness and psychology, these events and workshops will help you develop leaders of the future, and build a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Your people will leave inspired and equipped with the tools they need to become true innovators and start reinventing the future.

"A force to be reckoned with"

"Avis is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing is impossible for this very inspiring and determined lady, and you have never met anyone else who can so fearlessly invent the future. Avis has remarkable talents for bringing large groups of passionate people together around real-world problems, and then activating individuals to take action and drive the vision forward. I have no doubt she will have a lasting impact on the world." 

- Colette Grgic, Blue Chilli

"Brutally honest, open & sincere"

"Rare comes the chance to work with someone that not only lives a large, inspiring life but also someone that is brutally honest, open and sincere when sharing their experiences on stage.The audience as a whole are left with a feeling of empowerment and inspiration by the energy that she is. Not only does she excite and inspire others to live to their fullest, she truly lives it herself. Recommend isn't the right word, I urge others to take any opportunity to work with Avis" 

- Josh Stinton, Failcon: VIVID Sydney

"The best decision we made"

"Avis not only took the participants on an experience of learning, development and discovery but also took our leadership team on the same incredible learning journey.  Entrepreneurship is not something that comes easily within a large bureaucracy and trusting Avis and her team to take us through the work was the best decision we made." 

- Fiona Reyerink, UNSW

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For the remainder of 2017 Avis will be in the USA, Central America and Europe.

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Previous Projects


Lead facilitator, host and co-designer of this five week leadership program was designed to build enterprise skills and enhance employability in participants. Leveraging design thinking, storytelling, innovation and entrepreneurship skills, Interchange brought together hundreds of students from five universities across Sydney to explore how they could design better careers, and a better future, together. 

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Brought on board as founding CEO, I was instrumental in the launch of Remarkable, Australia's first disability focused impact accelerator. This 16 week program helps develop and scale early stage technology startups that aim to enhance social and economic inclusion of people living with a disability.

Remarkable is a Cerebral Palsy Alliance project and is partially funded by Telstra Foundation. 

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Think Act Change

Founder and host of this event series developed for a community of people passionate about creating change in the world. Through film screenings, panel discussions, workshops and events, Think Act Change connects, inspires and empowers the dreamers, doers, creatives, innovators and entrepreneurs who believe that a better future is possible, so that together we can create it.

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